Suntrust Properties, Inc. and Ohmyhome makes homebuying easier through its partnership

While it’s true that the pandemic has presented tremendous challenges in the way Filipinos work and do business, amazing new opportunities have materialized as well. In the business front, astute people constantly see the crisis as a way to gain competitive advantage by dealing with it in a timely manner.

Ohmyhome, Singapore’s leading proptech company, recently forged a partnership with top-tier Philippine property developer Suntrust Properties, Inc.

Photo shows top row, from left: Ms. Apple Solis, Sales Operations Manager of Ohmyhome Philippines; Mr. Jerry Rubis, FVP, Sales, Marketing & Training  of Suntrust Properties; Ms. Deanna Jean Claveria, EVP-COO of Suntrust Properties; and Ms. Ruby Gemma Cecilo, AVP, Business Partners Network of Suntrust Properties. Bottom row, from left: Mr. Julian Sison, Marketing Manager of Ohmyhome Philippines; Atty. Harrison Paltongan, President of Suntrust Properties; Mr. Ariel Tablante, Sales Director of Ohmyhome Philippines; and Mr. Mac Peralta IV, Sales Team Lead of Ohmyhome Philippines.

In the real estate industry, for instance, experts relate that property developers are finding better ways to engage with potential clients and respond to the new market needs. As communities continue to transition to a more relaxed form of quarantine, developers are taking the chance to highlight their new property management initiatives, especially those that ensure strict hygiene and safety protocols. They know that such would likely lure more property seekers and investors, a situation that could only improve when the economy fully recovers.

One such real estate company is Suntrust Properties, Inc. (SPI). Just like the sun, it quickly rose above the difficulties that beset their operations early this year and recognized the breaks that came. 

Suntrust Properties, Inc. was among the first real estate developers in the Philippines to migrate to the digital landscape. According to Suntrust president Atty. Harry M. Paltongan, a major step in this direction was the partnership the company forged with Singapore’s leading proptech company Ohmyhome. 

“To begin with,” Atty. Harry M. Paltongan, President of Suntrust Properties, Inc., states, “we believe that the pandemic drove more Filipino families to realize the need to have their own homes where they can live in a safe and secure environment.”

Apart from value-adding services—such as a competent property management team—that Suntrust and its subsidiaries provide to protect clients and their investments, the company was among the first real estate developers to migrate to the digital landscape.

According to Paltongan, a major step in this direction was the partnership Suntrust forged with leading proptech company Ohmyhome—a known expert in property technology. 

Suntrust Properties, Inc. and Ohmyhome aim to spur earnest property seekers to check out the real estate company’s vast array of projects nationwide without leaving their domiciles.” 

“This partnership attests to our commitment to provide an easier, safer, and more convenient home buying experience for Filipino families looking to buy their dream homes,” Paltongan explains.

Ohmyhome, a successful property solutions platform in Singapore and Malaysia, launched its operations in the Philippines last September. Providentially, Ohmyhome’s innovative app and website now help prospective homebuyers in their search for Suntrust properties using the intuitive interface. They may also opt for in-house agent assistance, also available through the Ohmyhome platform.

“Suntrust and Ohmyhome aim to spur earnest property seekers to check out the company’s vast array of projects nationwide without leaving their domiciles,” says Paltongan.

Suntrust Properties Inc. President Atty. Harry M. Paltongan says that the company’s partnership with Ohmyhome attests to their commitment to provide an easier, safer, and more convenient home-buying experience for Filipino families looking to purchase their dream homes.

Asked to give an overview of projects that Suntrust promotes through the Ohmyhome website, Paltongan proudly asserts that Suntrust’s competitive edge lies in the wide spectrum of product offerings targeting all market segments in various strategic locations all over the country.

Paltongan describes their project themes as inspired by famous landmarks of the world. “For example, Suntrust Verona gives homeowners an authentic glimpse of Italy, with its intricately designed Casa de Gulieta of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and its grand archway and clocktower are reminiscent of Verona,” he says. “The grand fountain is inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s famous painting, ‘The Birth of Venus’.”

Another project that Paltongan cites is Suntrust Sentosa with its two merlions standing guard at the subdivision’s two entrance gates. “Just like the iconic Merlion of Singapore,” he points out.

These properties are now available in the Ohmyhome app and website.

Impressed by Ohmyhome’s success in Singapore and Malaysia, Suntrust believes that the dynamic proptech company has a promising future in the Philippine real estate industry. “With its end-to-end, client-servicing portal dedicated to assisting our customers in their home buying journey, Ohmyhome is definitely a welcome addition to the company,” Paltongan affirms.

About Ohmyhome

Ohmyhome makes property transactions simple, fast, and affordable through a DIY platform, top-tier agent services, mortgage advisory, conveyancing, and much more. It is Singapore’s leading PropTech Solution and a CEA-licensed real estate agency.

The DIY (self-serve) platform connects homeowners and searchers directly at no cost. Thousands of property listings are genuine, unique, and simple to browse. Innovative features such as ‘ShoutOut’ and ‘Open House’ enhance the overall user experience. For those who prefer comprehensive and professional assistance, competitively priced house and condominium agent services are available.

Powered by advanced technology and trusted by customers, Ohmyhome agents are the most efficient in the market. Since its launch, Ohmyhome has 175,000 monthly active users. More than 5,300 homes have transacted through Ohmyhome, which represents a combined value of over US$1 billion.

Ohmyhome was launched in Malaysia in July 2019 and in the Philippines in September 2020, as part of its expansion plans in the Southeast Asia Region. It is the first cross-border, one-stop property solution with its tech-enabled offerings that have served thousands of customers in Singapore.

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