Manila (December 30, 2020) – If there is one thing that everyone looks for, it’s a good story. If it’s a love story, that is even better. As we already know, love can come in many forms. Here are three new BL series that remind us that love can be found when and where you can least expect it – and you can watch them for free on WeTV and iflix.


CAST: Royce Cabrera, Kyo Quijano

DIRECTOR: Pancho Maniquis

Watch the trailer for Quaranthings: The Series here.

Watch the series on WeTV.

Quaranthings: The Series follows the friendship of two boys, and how they find themselves falling in love in the midst of a lockdown. When the community quarantine started, those who could, went back home. That’s what all four housemates of Judah and Rocky did. The two people who hardly exchanged two words in the past were the ones left behind. With school out for the overachieving and competitive Judah and no odd jobs for the hardworking and street-smart breadwinner Rocky, they need to find something to keep them going everyday. Unable to do the things that give them meaning, can they survive being alone together? Or will they find meaning with each other.

BENXJIM (2020)

CAST: Jerome Ponce, Teejay Marquez


DIRECTOR: Easy Ferrer


Benjamin is given an ultimatum - become financially independent in the Philippines or move to America to live with his family. While trying to navigate his way to adulting, he learns that his old neighbor and childhood friend, Jimson, is moving back home to spend Enhanced Quarantine with his family. The guys rekindle their friendship and find something deeper. BenXJim follows the story of two people who go from strangers, to friends, to lovers and back to strangers, but with more memories between them. 


Watch Ben X Jim on WeTV and iflix starting December 31, 2020


CAST: Enzo Santiago, Darwin Yu

 Director: Jolo Atienza

Watch the trailer for My ExtraOrdinary here.

Watch the series on WeTV.

MY EXTRAORDINARY follows the colorful story Shake and Ken, two college students who are trying to find a way to express themselves despite society's many expectations. 

Ken is a sophomore - popular and good-natured. Shake is a shy freshman and university scholar. After a nasty encounter during a basketball game, the two young men find themselves drawn to each other. While Shake and Ken’s close friends support their growing relationship, Sandee, Ken’s childhood friend, becomes envious and outs him to his conservative widowed mother. This puts a strain on their budding romance, while tension continues to mount at home. Shake and Ken find themselves parting ways, but could this really be the end for these two?

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