A flair for the finest fare only at Tagaytay Highlands

If there’s any food for thought that the ongoing quarantine has brought us, it’s having a deeper appreciation for neighborhood restaurants whose take-out and home delivery services have enhanced their value in terms of customer convenience anywhere one goes in the world. Still, amid today’s health situation, every day leaves people pining for their cozy neighborhood restaurants as places where both locals and visitors can relax, have a taste of home, and experience new and familiar cuisines. In most cases, people already miss spending time in quaint dining spots to simply enjoy each other’s company as they savor the food offerings and the homey ambiance. Small wonder why the restaurant and the culinary experience it provides have always been at the center of a community.

Care for some Tomahawk Steak? It’s your perfect Sunday steak dinner only at The Highlander Steakhouse.

In Tagaytay Highlands, a premier residential development and leisure destination in the Philippines, restaurants present an outstanding gastronomic experience to homeowners and their visitors, while retaining that familiar feeling of home. Featuring the finest dining outlets and specialty restaurants, Tagaytay Highlands makes sure that every place is worth the visit.

To start with, members and their guests have an impressive choice of local and international cuisines. Touting the best steak right off the grill, plus wines from the finest vineyards, the Highlander Steakhouse is the Club’s premier restaurant. Located along Belle View Drive, this restaurant features a log cabin design that enhances its rustic ambiance as diners enjoy US and Australian Wagyu steaks complemented by one of the most impressive collections of single malt in the country. 

Highlands China Palace serves the best dishes all-year-round including one of its beloved fares, Peking Duck.

The Great Room’s American Breakfast (Two Eggs Any Style) provides a fine sampling of its healthy dishes.

For homeowners who prefer genuine Chinese cuisine, Highlands China Palace, set along Palace Drive near the Sports Center, is Tagaytay Highlands’ authentic Cantonese restaurant, which serves the best dishes all-year-round. Its Winter Garden on the ground floor serves Cantonese a la carte specialties.

The Great Room is situated on one of the highest points of Tagaytay Highlands. Here, guests of The Spa and Lodge enjoy fine, healthy meals close to home amid an authentic log cabin ambience as one gets a whiff of the aromatic scent of its western red cedar logs.

Classic Bulalo Soup courtesy of Concha’s Garden Café is a Filipino heirloom favorite among members and their guests 

Of course, Tagaytay Highlands serves classic and well-loved Filipino dishes at Concha’s Garden Café, situated at the Highlands Golfers’ Lounge and Midlands Golfers’ Lounge. Delectable heirloom dishes such as caldereta, crispy pata, laoya, and lechon kawali will surely satisfy diners’ cravings for Filipino food.

Meanwhile, homeowners and guests who like Japanese dishes can head to Aozora Japanese Restaurant, which features a mouthwatering selection of Japanese a la carte set fare. Aozora’s authentic Japanese meals earned for it the Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence Award for 2018 and 2019.

Gorgonzola Pizza by Amare La Cucina comes highly recommended as a Neapolitan-style pizza that’s served straight from the brick oven.

Finally, Italian restaurant Amare La Cucina, located along Gourmet Avenue, is Tagaytay Highlands’ go-to place for the biggest line-up of pizza and pasta selections.

Having the best gastronomic experiences at this impressive array of dining places is just one of the exclusive benefits that Tagaytay Highlands offers its members and their guests.

Tagaytay Highlands assures its homeowners and guests that it strictly adheres to stringent sanitation procedures in all of its establishments and facilities. Choice dishes from their menus are available for take-out and home delivery. For orders, homeowners may call 0917 563 4781. 

About Tagaytay Highlands

Tagaytay Highlands is a leisure development of the SM Group of Companies. Nestled in the highest elevations of Tagaytay, the premier leisure destination speaks of exclusivity and luxury, where stunning views and a breezy, cool climate come together to redefine relaxation. For more information on how to own a Highlands home, please call +632 75052422 and +63917 5150158, or visit www.tagaytayhighlands.com. Follow us on Facebook, Tagaytay Highlands, and Instagram @tagaytayhighlandsofficial.



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