Sonic The Hedgehog: Movie Review

By: Arniel Lucban

The iconic blue speedster is finally back on the track!           

Sonic the Hedgehog brings up the nostalgic vibe to all the old-school gamers. It is also a fresh way to introduce the character for the newcomers of the franchise. This film easily puts the movie in a great position to be a crowd pleaser as the character itself was highlighted throughout and the proper culmination to the game icon made the film more interesting. 

We loved that Sonic wasn’t overshadowed by the human characters; he was given a proper character development thus making the title of the movie stand on its own. His acts and trait as an anthropomorphic hedgehog was greatly justified when the two arcs of his background story were revealed. 

The film did have major criticism on its previous character design. Sonic’s hideous human-hedgehog proportion was a disturbing sight. Turning our beloved hedgehog to an eye cringing mess so the production team had to redo the whole character design extending the release of the film for another six months. The pleasing picture does add a lot to the film’s influence, and it was a wise move for them before the entire thing sink. 

It is not a secret that Sonic has a solid story line and material to revolve in as the film promises a lot potential, especially for creating more sequels and even crossovers. Ben Schwartz did an amazing job as the voice of Sonic, showing the fun and wacky side of the speedster. It is quite annoying and adorable at the same time. His expressive tones were perfect, and his voice did a good interplay with James Marsden (Tom Wachowski). Jim Carrey was more than enough for this one. The vintage Carrey was the best embodiment for the nutty Dr. Ivo Robotnik who easily portrayed the expressive traits needed by the character. It was a perfect fit for him as he also added that nostalgic vibe. 

Overall, Sonic The Hedgehog is a genuinely fun movie made to please everyone in the audience. It promises a lot of old-school gaming references, and at the same time they added something new to the mix. You also got a classic Jim Carrey performance that makes the movie more enjoyable not only to the kids but also to the kids at heart.

Rating: 9/10 stars 

Cast: Jim Carrey, James Marsden, Ben Schwartz

Directed by: Jeff Fowler
Distributed by: UIP PH
Now Showing in PH cinemas


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