Richard Jewell: Movie Review

By: Arniel Lucban

Atlanta Olympic bombing of ‘96 were one of the worst news that happened and when a hero was found on the first night, a change of wind arrives and the hero went bonkers. He was accused as the first suspect, and unfortunately the truth was left covered. Richard Jewell shows us how anything could go wrong, from the rising emotions and hopes of being a star to the glory, he had that turned his life into chaos. 

The story was a clear depiction of how easy the government can kill the freedom that we have. Another thing is how the media plays a vital role in controlling how much damage an issue can cause. An ordinary man is vulnerable by having the lower hand and an exposed face. 

Clint Eastwood proves himself again with this film as he had the freedom to steer the movie into greater heights. He managed the emotions in each scene that produced a grand narrative which catches the mind and the heart of the audience. He avoided sympathy and focused on Paul Hauser’s character. I loved how he added humor and bright scenes amidst the crisis and reduced the stress in scenes where failure could overkill the story. Letting the story flow unto itself and making the characters develop in their own respective phases. 

Paul Hauser commanded every scene he had and his short gesture easily meant an emotion. The expression that very few talented actors could do effectively. The effortless comedic parts are delivered very well, and the narrative did send a 1990’s vibe. Plus the ambiance of Atlanta was pictured in depth, giving Paul more character that his persona requires. 

Sam Rockwell who played Watson Bryant, Jewell’s lawyer really did make a stand. How a lawyer should act, inside and outside his profession. He had his moments where he saves the graceful scenes. When the things start to slow down, Rockwell acts as the catalyst to escalate the scenario and light it up again. A very nice subordinate for Paul who dominates when in character. This great duo deserves this remarkable story and brilliant screenplay.

Overall, Clint Eastwood made the film flow on itself. He balanced the lost and gain of hope for the ordinary man by not playing the sympathy card and deletes the unwanted bore of emotions. It is also great way of showing how the government and media could twist the fate of anyone.  

Rating: 9.5/10

Cast: Paul Hauser, Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde

Directed by: Clint Eastwood
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures
Opens January 15 in PH cinemas


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