The First Reality Movie “KINGS OF REALITY SHOWS” Hits PH cinemas this November 27!

Ariel Villasanta risked everything for the release of his comedy/reality film entitled KINGS OF REALITY SHOWS in select cinemas beginning November 27. Asking help from anyone and everyone he knows, this one-man-team has been restless, excited, and proud that after several years of perseverance, the long wait will soon be over.

Covering the major television networks, Ariel managed to have some “air time” to promote his film. But it wasn’t exactly in the traditional sense. From GMA’s NewsTV …

To TV5’s Aksyon News …

And even ABS CBN’s TV Patrol with Ka Noli.

Aptly called ‘manual marketing’, he posted that the “struggle is real”, in reference to his uncanny promotional efforts, but maybe also for his effort to dedicate this film to all the struggling artists out there … 

… and even the struggling commuters.

After the Press Screening held at the UP Film Center last November 15, Cinemabravo touted the film as a “star-studded movie oozing with passion from the director”. Domcrisrea.blogspot could not explain why they felt very emotional during the screening, “Hindi namin namalayan, umiiyak na kami. Sa kabila ng kabaliwang pinaga-gawa nila, may kurot sa puso ito”, and went on to say; “This is something new sa ating mga moviegoers and you should watch this film.”

Ariel’s style of getting raw reactions from his interactions with people reminds you of films like Borat, Jack Ass, or Where To Invade Next, but with a distinctly Pinoy flavor. There’s just something powerful about people’s unguarded moments and capturing it on video, as it happens. Truly hilarious at times, but on some occasions, he seems to have no boundaries at all, and you’re left waiting for or wanting him to just stop and draw the line. Did this really happen? Or is this just a ploy? We suggest you just enjoy the ride and experience Ariel’s “reality”. If only his Mum, fondly called “Mommy Elvie” can see him now, you can almost hear her say “ARIEL!!!”

KINGS OF REALITY SHOWS: ARIEL AND MAVERICK The Movie is produced by Lion’s Faith Entertainment and exclusivley distributed by Solar Pictures. Screening in select cinemas nationwide November 27. This film is lovingly dedicated to Elvira Ramos Villasanta and to all struggling artists.


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