After The Wedding: Movie Review

By: Pauline De Asis

We had high expectation with After the Wedding as the film is headlined with two spectacular stars in Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams. You know you can always rely for this stars to provide the talent on every project that they are in. Well, I haven't seen the original film, but this remake was fine and quite had its unique  flavor to stand on its own. It may just have a bit excessive chatting moments but still delivered some sentimental ones.

The casts gave out some terrific performances right from the start, but I am looking for that emotion to make me reach down for tissues in my pocket. Yet, there are still some scenes that were heart-warming and caught us off guard. We've certainly loved the story with all those fascinating shots to see the third world and how does the process of volunteering works  to help the kids. This alone could easily touch your heart, and the message intended was smoothly delivered.

Overall, though the story is a bit predictable, After the Wedding is an engaging melodrama that knows how to recreate a classic material. The film got a strong push coming from the talented casts who knew where to stick the basics in order to deliver a genuine remake. It has its moments to color the canvass but needed more emotional touches to make you burst down into tears. 

Rating: 7/10

Cast: Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams, Billy Crudup

Directed by: Bart Freundlich
Distributed by: Go Asia entertainment
Opens August 14 in PH cinemas  


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