Colorful Set of Stars Completes Timely Family Drama in MMFF Entry "RAINBOW'S SUNSET"

By: Matt Suzara

Metro Manila Film Festival 2018 is a few days away, and Heaven's Best Entertainment Productions assembles stars from different generations and comes up with a family movie that everyone can enjoy this Christmas Day. Rainbow's Sunset is already making waves through social media, and its teaser trailer alone garnered over 2 million views on Cinema Bravo Facebook page. Netizens already praised the film for its one-of-a-kind premise and selection of stars that is actually worth paying of their hard-earned money.

This is the comeback film of Director Joel Lamangan in the MMFF and is excited to share his latest masterpiece to the Filipino audience. He is proud to present a quality film and hopes that it can touch the hearts of families this Christmas season. 

The film is top-billed with veteran stars Eddie Garcia, Tony Mabesa and Gloria Diaz. They are joined by Tirso Cruz III, Aiko Melendrez and Sunshine Dizon plus a lot of young stars to complete the heavyweight cast.

This also marks the third film this year for the icon Eddie Garcia, who earlier starred in Cinemalaya entry "ML" and QCinema film "Hintayan ng Langit" who both earned him Best Actor Award trophies. I know it is early but a third one might be on his collection soon when he wins it on December 27. I will not be surprised if Rainbow's Sunset will be the front-runner and bag many trophies during the awards night.

Eddie Garcia will play Ramon Estrella - a retired senator who decided to leave home and take care of his good friend, Fredo (Tony Mabesa), who is dying of cancer. It marks another gay role for him and as a professional, it doesn't really matter what role is given to him because it is only a job.

Please do support all the entries in this year's Metro Manila Film Festival but don't forget to watch Rainbow's Sunset first and spread the word about the beauty of this masterpiece.

Ramon Estrella, an 84-year old retired senator, temporarily leaves his wife of six decades to take care of his gay best friend who is dying of cancer. He has his wife’s blessings, but Ramon’s three children are scandalized. The old man defies their collective protest and declares that he loves his friend—godfather to all three both in baptism and matrimony—the same way that he loves his wife.

The news quickly sends shock waves to the community, raising the hackles of the ex-senator’s second-born, the first of two feisty daughters. As the city’s newly elected mayor, she is the sole heiress to her father’s political legacy.

When the youngest child—a formidable feminist and activist—sides with her father and godfather, and the eldest—a weakling and flawed bureaucrat—figures in a scandal of his own, the siblings turn on one another, resulting in a full-blown three- sided war.

Their ever patient and loving matriarch does her beatific best to sue for peace among her brood—with some timely help from the absent patriarch. Blood eventually proves thicker than water, but the force of filial piety cannot mend all of the siblings’ differences. Not when one of them remains resolute in her prejudice against homosexuality.

Cast: Eddie Garcia, Gloria Romero, Tony Mabesa, Tirso Cruz III, Sunshine Dizon, Aiko Melendrez, Max Collins, Jim Pebanco, Tanya Gomez, Sue Prado, Marcus Madrigal, Noel Comia, Ross Pesigan, Ali Forbes, Adrian Cabido, Hero Bautista, Vince Dillon, Zeke Sarmenta, Nella Marie Dizon, Ace Merfel, Benz Sangalang, Celine Juan, Shido Roxas with special participation of Albie Casino. 


 Check out the teaser trailer below: