Cinema One Originals Short Reviews Part 1

By: Matt Suzara


We opened our Cinema One Originals with an unexpected film that literally blew our heads off. Kenneth Dagatan's Ma is one of those films that will shock you from inside and out and will leave you breathless from start to finish. It will haunt you for days and make you ask so many questions on how they come up with a film like that. We also love the attention to detailss especially on the brutal and bloody parts that can easily break you in pieces. 

One of the main reasons why we choose to watch this is because of Anna Luna and Kate Alejandrino.
We've admired Anna Luna and her natural talent in acting. We are impressed with her in Paglipay and Changing Partners (film and stage musical) as she always had that strong presence and dedication towards her chosen craft. Here she once again showed why she is one of the few actresses who can instantly make an impact in any given occasion. Young actor Kyle Espiritu provides the spark plug and issues the horror effectively.

MA: The most disturbing Filipino film in recent memory. Solid performances from Anna Luna and Kate Alejandrino plus a surprising set of child stars who effectively injects the terror underneath the skin. 
Rating: 9/10


The film has a solid cast that can easily provide the energy to the fun and wild script. Neil Coleta is an impressive lead from start to finish and also left a daring parting shot at the end while Nikki Valdez simply stole the spotlight with her hard-hitting lines. 

John Sweet Lapus' directorial debut easily makes a strong impression when it comes to comedy and knows how to extent the talents of his stars. There are a lot of lol moments from here and there. However, some of the jokes became too repetitive and overused that takes out the fun. 

Rating: 7/10 

Double Twisting Double Back

The film is quite confusing at first but when you got the hang of it; you can embrace strangeness of the entire material. Director Joseph Abello had a twisting idea that challenged the audiences to experience a movie that tackles with personal demons, sex addiction and gymnastics.

Weirdly enjoyable and backed up by worthy performances coming from Tony Labrusca and Joem Bascon. The two are both exceptional playing their characters and shows both of their strengths and showcased their talents throughout.  

It is a Split type of film but in a different way. 

Rating: 7/10