5 Spooktacular Reasons to Catch All Souls Night This October 31

Andi Eigenman returns to the big screen with another horror film but this time she is going to be tested under two directors in Aloy Adlawan and Jules Katanyag. We watched All Souls Night last night, in its red carpet premiere screening at SM Megamall, and we listed five reasons why you should watch this film starting October 31.

1. Great use of the haunted house setting

It is hard to create a horror ambiance with just one setting, but they managed to keep the chills of the house like it was a living thing. It was pretty creepy with all those detailed props, dead plants, dim lights and filthy walls. They may have just overdone the flickering lights a bit, but it was an eerie atmosphere throughout. 

2. The mysterious story 

It is pretty hard to guess what the film is all about from the start as it will raise a lot of questions on what is really happening in this family. There are just a lot of things going around the house and will make you think hard whether it is infested by ghost, demons or other unearthly creatures that will pop out to the screen. 

3. Allan Paule

Allan Paule was simply on the top of his game here as he transformed perfectly to scare the living shit out of the viewers. He was really a highlight in this film as he kept on bringing the creepy things out of his sleeves and effectively delivered his role.

4. Yayo Aguila and Andi Eigenman

These two stars are not new when it comes to horror films and they once again proved that they can be a force when it comes to this genre. It is evident that they have the skills in providing the perfect emotions needed to keep the audience hyped up each time they make a move in an important scene.  

5. Lhian Gimeno

This new child star is just entertaining to watch as she is convincing throughout especially when she is twitching her bones. She has also a lot of moments to shine and provided some quality acting that added more depth to this horror film. I hope to see her in more projects as this kid has a bright future ahead of her. 

Shirley (Andi Eigenman), an all-around house helper who answered an ad for a quick three-day job to take care of a sick man.  Ellen (Yayo Aguila), the inhospitable wife, readily tells her the three important house rules:  First, keep the doors and windows shut; Second, stay locked inside the house; and third, don’t get inside their room without permission.  

Shirley shares a room with the couple’s young daughter, and observes that the child is a  terrified mess.  She tells Ellen about it, only to be forbidden to interfere in whatever she sees going on around the house.  After the child tells Shirley that the man is not her father, nerve-racking incidents one after another are revealed to her.  And she will not be spared from it.