Sol Searching: Movie Review

By: Matt Suzara

Teacher Sol (Gilleth Sandico) died because of aneurysm and is struggling to find a proper funeral service because there are no funds. With the help of her best friend, Lorelie (Pokwang) and her student Bugoy (JM Salvado) they try to find ways in order to peacefully rest her body and give her a decent wake.

There are a lot of small films that are entering different film festivals that really deserve a wide release so the avid movie patrons can witness these quality films like To Farm Film Festival entry "Sol Searching."

Last night, was the gala screening held in Trinoma where the cast and crew were present to promote their film. We came unprepared with little information about the film and yet; we are surprised at the outcome of the entire thing.

Director Roman Perez Jr. creatively find ways to make the film entertaining from start to finish. He had a tremendous set of stars whom he can really rely on even with the guys with small roles. He kept the film from going at a steady pace, and it never looked back as it instantly gets the attention of every audience inside the cinema. I also love how he used the comedy as a medium to make it more enjoyable. The jokes are pretty simple, yet it is very effective and freshly unique skits. There are just some rushed scenes, especially towards the end and an unnecessary infidelity back story between the main characters other than that it was timely, fresh and compelling throughout. 

We all know that Pokwang isn't new when it comes to this type of films and she just effortlessly portrayed her role as Lorelie. She is a wonderful actress and once again proved that she is a pure talent in this industry. Same with Gilleth Sandico who actually had a lot of shots inside the casket. I like her character a lot as you can really feel her emotions from inside and out. The child stars are already phenomenal in the indie industry and once again showed what they are capable off, especially the very brilliant JM Salvado. You also got a very effective Lotlot Bustamante and Raffy Tejada as the irritating tandem plus Jelson Bay and Raul Morit in some of the best gag scenes department. 

Overall, Sol Searching is a remarkable comedy film that basically offers something new to chew on. It has a perfect casting of stars and a very engaging story that needs to have a wide release so it can reach more audiences and witness this extraordinary spectacle.

Lakwatsera Lovers rates it 8 out of 10 stars 

 Cast: Pokwang, Joey Marquez, Gilleth Sandico, JM Salvado

Directed by: Roman Perez Jr. 
Official Entry to ToFarm Film Festival 2018
Now Showing in selected cinemas


Sept. 13 (Thursday)
Trinoma 7:50pm
Gateway 5:00pm
Robinsons Galleria 10:00pm
SM Megamall 1:30pm
SM Manila 11:30am
Ayala Legazpi 3:20pm

Sept. 14 (Friday)
Trinoma 10:25pm
Gateway 7:25pm
Greenbelt 1 1:00pm
SM Megamall 3:35pm
SM Manila 1:30pm
Gaisano Davao 11:30am
Ayala Legazpi 8:30pm

Sept. 15 (Saturday)
Gateway 9:30pm
Greenbelt 1 3:25pm
Robinsons Galleria 12:20pm
SM Megamall 5:20am
SM Manila 3:35pm
Gaisano Davao 2:00pm

Sept. 16 (Sunday)
Trinoma 12:05pm
Greenbelt 1 5:50pm
Robinsons Galleria 2:45pm
SM Megamall 8:15pm
SM Manila 5:20pm
Gaisano Davao 4:30pm
Ayala Legazpi 3:20pm

Sept. 17 (Monday)
Trinoma 2:40pm
Gateway 12:30pm
Greenbelt 1 7:20pm
Robinsons Galleria 5:10pm
SM Manila 8:15pm
Gaisano Davao 7:00pm
Ayala Legazpi 8:30pm

Sept. 18 (Tuesday)
Trinoma 5:15pm
Gateway 2:35pm
Greenbelt 1 10:00pm
Robinsons Galleria 7:35pm
SM Megamall 11:30am
Gaisano Davao 9:30pm