ASCOF for Kids and The Parenting Emporium advocate for a healthy, stress-free lifestyle for Moms

As we all know by now, stress is the inevitable consequence of fast-paced work environments. While we need peace of mind and equilibrium to function well, it’s the competitive spirit that gets the job done. Given that stress is unavoidable in our day-to-day life, how do we avoid a toxic lifestyle?

This was the central theme of the closing lecture in ASCOF for Kids and The Parenting Emporium’s (TPE) series of classes that sought to spark people’s awareness on natural alternatives for health remedies and on the total wellness of moms and their families. The previous three classes dwelled on “How to Jumpstart a Healthier Lifestyle,” “Dealing with Common Concerns the Natural Way,” and “Helping the Body Heal” (Your Road to Holistic Wellness).

 Influential moms pose for a group photo with life coach Ning Tadena after her enlightening talk on “How to Release Toxic Stress” at The Parenting Emporium.

ASCOF is the country’s no. 1 natural cough remedy, while TPE, located in New Manila, is a store and social enterprise that provides a venue for learning and support in creating communities that foster better parenting.

The cap-off event, held at the TPE last July 31, was highlighted by an enlightening discussion led by life coach and makeup artist Ning Tadena, who underscored the importance of changing one’s overall perspective and boosting one’s positive energy in order to avoid stress. 

 Life coach and make-up artist Ning Tadena discusses to mothers the importance of maintaining a stress-free lifestyle during her talk at The Parenting Emporium on July 31.

In her talk titled “How to Release Toxic Stress,” Tadena explained how stress is a cause of many illnesses and misunderstandings. “Even your relationships suffer when you live in a toxic environment,” she said. “But in everything that we do, we have two ways to look at it—it can either stress us or stretch us.

For example, you can be stressed by traffic, but it can also stretch your imagination, stretch your patience, your strategy and time management. The perspective that I always want to impart to people is to have a growth mindset.” 

 Life coach Ning Tadena points out that part of keeping a healthy lifestyle is nourishing our bodies with natural and organic products, such as ASCOF Lagundi.

Tadena also pointed out that stress can show up in the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social aspects of one’s life, and thus can be a cause of “dis-ease.”

She also identified what she considers the three most toxic emotions—resentment, rejection, and regret. Then she countered these with the three “most nourishing” ones—forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude.

Tadena believes that we can live stress-free and healthier lives by nourishing our mind, body, and heart and getting rid of the toxins in them.

 Riki Flo and Mafae Belasco are among the influential moms who attend the cap-off event of ASCOF for Kids and The Parenting Emporium on July 31.

And part of nourishing your body,” Tadena asserted, “is eating healthy and using natural and organic products like ASCOF for Kids.”

Known for its natural and organic properties, ASCOF for Kids is made from 100 percent organically grown Lagundi leaves, and undergoes a stringent manufacturing process. Being the very first natural cough remedy launched in the market 22 years ago, ASCOF Lagundi is considered the pioneer in advocating for alternative medicines for consumers.

 (From left) Ms. Mia Pascual, Director of PascualLab’s Design Services and Corporate Communications; guest speaker and life coach Ms. Ning Tadena; and Ms. Valerie Sison during the cap-off event of ASCOF for Kids and The Parenting Emporium last July 31.
ASCOF for Kids Assistant Brand Manager Kaye Racaza says that, with the help of its partners like TPE, “ASCOF ensures that moms will confidently take the first step in choosing the natural alternatives over the synthetic/chemical options in the market.”

ASCOF and TPE will continue to enlist the help of influential mothers in communicating the importance of natural and organic products, especially for children. We will persist in spreading the word within the mommy circle and then pass it on to other groups, as well.”

 (From left) Irina Otmakhova, a childbirth doula; The Parenting Emporium founder Ms. Maricel Cua, and Sleep Coach Gabrielle Weil during the cap-off event of ASCOF for Kids and The Parenting Emporium last July 31.
For her part, TPE founder Maricel Cua said the fruitful collaboration with ASCOF was aligned with TPE’s main objective of supporting the parenting community and providing a platform, through a series of relevant classes, where they can learn more about raising their children better.

One of TPE’s goals is to provide an avenue where we can recommend tried and tested brands to our parenting community, and one of these brands is ASCOF. Their products and values are aligned with ours because they offer natural solutions,” Cua said.

As we all know, family is the basic and most important unit of the society, that’s why each and every member should be healthy and functional. And by bringing these relevant classes in partnership with ASCOF, we are one with them in promoting good health and nutrition, as well as better parenting.”

Among the influential moms who attended the cap-off event were Tina Rodriguez, Riki Flo Reyes, Sheila De Asis, Gabrielle Janvier, Irina Otmakhova, Mafae Belasco, Jopay Zamora, Liz Aliwalas, Jane Cheng, and Jaya Crisostomo. They all received gift baskets containing natural oils and herb bouquets harvested from LAC Farms in Nueva Ecija, PascualLab’s organic farm.