Protect your well-loved wooden furniture with Woodshine by Solignum

Furniture provides life to the ambience and feel of our home so for spills, stains, dust, dirt and smudges you will need Woodshine by Solignum, a furniture polish that is formulated to protect and preserve the natural beauty of furniture.  
Woodshine by Solignum has an anti-static property and micro-wax formulation that create a natural barrier responsible for repelling dust particles, dirt, smudges and marks from ordinary spills and stains.

Woodshine not only polishes wood furniture—it also eliminates light surface scratches, making furniture seem new again. 

  Polish your wood furniture and make them look new again with JDI’s Woodshine, a wood furniture polish from the Superbrand-recognized and tried-and-tested timber expert Solignum.

Unlike similar products in the market, Woodshine from Solignum has no strong, irritating odor—only a pleasant and mild lemon scent making it convenient to use. 
Woodshine works not just on wood furniture; it can also be used on other common surfaces like leather, vinyl, and stainless tabletops. 
Woodshine carries the heritage of a tried-and-tested timber expert, Solignum, known as the world’s leading wood preservative and a Superbrand Awardee since 2010. Woodshine has no anti-termite property so for best timber protection, JDI recommends using Solignum wood preservative to prevent infestation of termites, wood borers, and fungi in the home before painting or furnishing the timber. 
Woodshine by Solignum is available in 150 ml and 330 ml aerosol cans at Rustan’s Supermarket, Marketplace and Wilcon Depot nationwide.

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