Solar Entertainment and West Beijing Pictures in Talks For Collaboration Opportunity

MANILA, PHILIPPINES—The West Zishouzhenzhang (Beijing) Pictures of China Co., Ltd. represented by the Chief Producer Miss Deng Ziyi and Producer Mr. Lu Tianyi were invited to attend the 42nd Metro Manila Film Festival last year. The visit paved way for the discussion to collaborate for a film and television production between Solar Entertainment Corporation and West Beijing Pictures.

In the possible collaboration between Solar Entertainment and West Beijing Pictures, the production services of Solar will be acquired for another Chinese film Angel Action (tentative title). Angel Action depicts the law enforcement authorities of the Philippines and China in a joint anti-terrorism mission and a fight against drug crime, highlighting the profound friendship between the two countries. The production team is set to shoot in several military camps all over the country to ensure the full range of true-to-life effects of the film.

The film and television collaboration between China and the Philippines is not only the first attempt to make in the Philippines, but also the first attempt to expand film industry," said Miss Deng Ziyi, who is also the producer of the Angel Action with Philippine Film Studios, Inc.


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