FirePRO – your added-level of fire protection

According to statistics, about 10,000 fire incidents happen yearly, destroying properties and rendering families homeless. Because fires can claim lives and wreak havoc on survivors’ security and welfare, homeowners must acknowledge that fire prevention is one of their foremost responsibilities. 

Fire prevention particularly in wooden materials is now within reach as JDI offers its water-based and non-toxic fire retardant, which prevents the spread of fire on wood and minimizes harmful fumes.

The good news is apart from the normal precautions people can take to prevent fires, Jardine Distribution, Inc. (JDI) now offers FirePro by Solignum, a product that prevents the spread of fire on wood. A non-toxic and water-based fire retardant that can be applied to wood and other surfaces, FirePro by Solignum protects the home by preventing the spread of flames and minimizing harmful fumes.

How does Solignum FirePro work? FirePro works by breaking the triangle of components required for a wood fire to begin and spread: heat, fuel and oxygen.

First, it releases gas that cools the heat and reduces the availability of oxygen that comes in contact with wood. Next, it produces a solid layer—a barrier between oxygen and wood. Lastly, it increases the amount of charring in the wood, insulating the core wood from the heat. 

  A solid panel door with tanguile veneer was tested to prove FirePro’s ability to withstand fire—treated with FirePro, the door lasted 80 minutes. Untreated, the door lasted for only 23 minutes.

In fact, a solid panel door with tanguile veneer was tested to prove FirePro’s ability to withstand fire. Treated with FirePro, the door lasted eighty (80) minutes. Untreated, the door lasted for only twenty-three (23) minutes.

Using FirePro fire retardant in recommended areas (doors, wooden floors, ceilings, and all other wood material), while following safety guidelines of the building code and ensuring fire safety equipment is installed in the home, can help prevent the spread of fire and minimize adverse effect of toxic fumes. 
Solignum FirePro is a ready-to-use product and must not be diluted. It is applied to timber by closed immersion, spraying or by brushing. For safety, the use of gloves and/or goggles (when spraying) is strongly advised.

Jardine Distribution, Inc., represents a number of local and global companies that provide world-class crop protection and construction chemical products. They are focused on providing technical support and the safe use of these products, with due consideration of environmental protection. For more information, visit


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