Protect your homes from termite attacks this summer with JDI's Total Termite Solution

Renovation and repair of houses usually happen during the summer season—when weather conditions are favorable for simple to extensive construction work. With renovation and repair also comes the inspection of the house for termites, little pests that secretly hide and thrive in the home, leaving homeowners oblivious to the damage they have caused.

  During summer, subterranean termites actively build termite mounds and mud tunnels. As a Total Termite Solution, use Solignum wood preservative and Soilguard soil termiticide during home repair and renovation. For an effective wood protection procedure, call 0920-9102629.

Generally, termites can wreak havoc at any time of the year but subterranean termites often swarm on summer days. These little pests form colonies underneath the soil and create little mud tunnels all the way up to the foundation of your house, and start feeding on all the wood sources they find.

As you repair and renovate your home during the summer season, it is a great idea to protect your home from termite attacks. To achieve maximum protection against termites, Jardine Distribution, Inc. (JDI) offers Solignum wood preservative and Soilguard soil termiticide, as Total Termite Solution.

Termites are capable of building mounds, which may appear to be just big piles of hard dirt. To stop them from penetrating your home’s surroundings, use Soilguard soil termiticide. If unsure on how to proceed on wood protection measures, contact 0920-9102629. 

Soilguard odorless soil termiticide can be applied to the soil even before the construction of the house. Equally efficient when used during repair and renovation, Soilguard, when applied to the soil, can provide a termite-lethal barrier, preventing termites from entering the structure it surrounds. A cost-saving and efficient solution, it kills any termite it comes to contact with.

Soilguard also has a water-based, odorless formulation, making it very convenient to use. Likewise, it has been proven to be less hazardous to the applicator and the environment when used properly.

Meanwhile, Solignum wood preservative provides not just sure protection against termites, but also fungi and woodborers. 
Have you seen termite holes on your house framing? During repairs or renovations, apply Solignum wood preservative to stop termites from attacking the wood sources in your home. Call 0920-9102629 for FREE advice on wood protection.
Available in three variants—Brown, Colourless AZ, and Colourless AZ Aerosol—Solignum has combined insecticidal and fungicidal properties, providing multifunctional uses with just one product.

For instance, Solignum Brown is for wood hidden from view and needs no painting; Solignum Colourless AZ is for visible wood that would need painting; and Solignum Colourless AZ Aerosol is the wood preservative spray you can use on your own.

Only Solignum and Soilguard can provide a Total Termite Solution for your home. Using these products during repairs and renovations this coming summer can guarantee your home a long-lasting protection from termite attacks.
For free advice on wood protection, call 0920-9102629.
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