Be your own ‘iconic’: five ways to re-master your Levi’s

We all have at least one old pair of Levi’s jeans that will always be our favorite. For this reason, the timeless brand suggests a clever way to reuse these well-loved pairs and make them even better: re-mastering. This technique inspires us to experiment with Levi’s jeans and personalize these to suit our individual styles. After all, the Levi’s brand has always been about authenticity and originality—and Levi’s pieces are perfect canvasses for self-expression.

Here, Levi’s very own master tailors share tips and tricks on how to make your Levi’s as original as you are, so you can be your own ‘iconic’. 

  Make your authentic Levi’s pieces more ‘you’ by re-mastering them into something as original as you are. 
Taper your jeans. If you want a skinnier look for your Levi’s jeans or need to keep your cuffs out for a reason, you can taper its legs.

Here’s how to do it: first, pin your leg taper and rip out the ankle hems. Trace a line along your pins, and sew this line—this will be the new inseam. Rip out the old inseam; iron your new inseam flat; and sew the ankle hems.

  Turn your 501 Skinny jeans into a more iconic piece by trying out different ways to re-master them and making them more stylish than they already are. 

Get the destructed look. Distressed jeans are all the rage right now—a trend almost as ageless as the Levi’s brand. If you’re thinking of giving your Levi’s jeans an update, distressing is one way to go.

Try this: With a pen, mark the spot in your jeans where you’d like to distress. Line your denim with a cardboard and cut through the jeans using a dull knife. Do this repeatedly until you achieve the desired effect. Finally, use a razor for a more frayed look.

The Levi’s brand has always been about originality, uniqueness and authenticity. Show your most unique self and live in Levi’s your way with re-mastering.

Make cut-offs. Tired of your old pair of Levi’s but have trouble letting it go? Shorten it!

First, choose your desired length. Next, mark this line before making the chop. Then, distress your piece and wash to wrap up the look. Ta-dah, you now have a pair of Levi’s cropped jeans or distressed denim shorts!
Levi’s jeans are the perfect tools for self-expression. Re-master your jeans through tapering, distressing, and adding patches or panels. 

Add panels to your Levi’s. Give your old Levi’s a touch of rock-and-roll by adding black leather panels. Levi’s master tailors share how-to’s:

First, mark where you want to place your panels, then trace lines on these. Proceed with measuring and marking your black leather fabric, then cut panels to the right size.

Next, rip out the outside seams within the marks you made. Pin and sew the panels in place. Finally, flip your Levi’s jeans inside out and sew the outside seam closed.

Patch it up. Have your favorite Levi’s jeans acquired holes from wear and tear? Patch up holes—and other tears and tatters—with these easy steps:

Get your desired fabric for patching up, and cut this to the right size—just slightly larger than the hole. Pin the fabric in place, and hand-stitch around the hole. Again, use a sharp razor for additional fraying.

If you’re doubtful about your tailoring skills, Levi’s still got your back. From time to time, Levi’s sets up tailor shops in various Levi’s outlets and stores and brings master tailors who personalize Levi’s pieces for customers and celebrities.

Watch for the next Levi’s Tailor Shop and have your Levi’s jeans customized, too. #


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