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Enter the World of Circus Vargas Magikaria at Manila

Enter the World of Circus Vargas Magikaria at Manila By: Lakwatsera Lovers We got a post Christmas gift courtesy of as we won two tickets to see Circus Vargas Magikaria at SMX Convention Center last night. It is our second time to watch a circus live and were amazed with the different acts they offered. Circus Vargas lighten up the stage with fantastic performances as we enjoyed the juggling, the acrobats, the magic up to the comedy sketches from their clown resident. They also manage to interact with the audience, allowing some of them to participate and mingle in  their acts.  We are truly entertained all throughout the show, and it's not too late to watch them as they are still having shows on December 28 to January 1 with three shows every day (1PM/4PM/7PM) at SMX Convention Center Mall of Asia.  Ticket Prices  Silver Php 590 Gold Php 990 Platinum Php 1,290 Ringside Php 1,790 VIP Php 1,990 SMX CONVENTION CENTE

Short Review: Stuck in Love

Stuck in Love By: Lakwatsera Lovers Synopsis: Meet the Borgens. William Borgens is an acclaimed author who hasn't written a word since his ex-wife Erica left him 3 years ago for another man. In between spying on Erica and casual romps with his married neighbour Tricia, Bill is dealing with the complexities of raising his teenage children Samantha and Rusty. Samantha is publishing her first novel and is determined to avoid love at all costs - after all she's seen what it has done to her parents. In between hook ups, she meets "nice guy" Lou who will stop at nothing to win her over. Rusty, is an aspiring fantasy writer and Stephen King aficionado, who is on a quest to gain 'life experiences'. He falls for the beautiful, but troubled Kate and gets his first taste of love and a broken heart. A tale of family, love (lost and found), and how endings can make new beginnings. There are no rewrites in life, only second chances.- The fil

My Little Bossings: Movie Review

My Little Bossings By: Lakwatsera Lovers Thanks to @mmffilmfest twitter page we have won tickets to see all the MMFF entries this year. The first one we watched yesterday is My Little Bossings with a jam-packed cinema with some of the people already standing because there's no seats left. Torky (Vic Sotto) works for a millionaire cash specialist Baba (Kris Aquino). When Baba's name got involved in a pyramiding scam, she entrusts her son Justin (Bimby Aquino Yap) to Torky and promises to give him a reward afterwards. Meanwhile, Ice (Aiza Seguerra) visits an orphanage to get a street kid named Ching (Ryzza Mae Dizon) under her custody. She brings her to the house of Torky where Justin and Ching start a wacky friendship while dealing with some major problems in life.  We've been a fan of Vic Sotto, and we make sure that when the film fest starts, we always watch his movie first. Knowing that the film would highlight "Aleng Maliit" and of Bimby, it man

"THE OTHER WOMAN" Trailer debut

“ The Other Woman” stars a powerhouse cast of women led by Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and Nicki Minaj.  In the movie, a woman learns that she’s part of a love triangle, so she teams up with the spurned wife in order to exact revenge on the cheating husband. Check out the trailer below: "The Other Woman" will open very soon from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Short Review: Starving Games

The Starving Games By: Lakwatsera Lovers Synopsis : In this Hunger Games spoof, Kantmiss Evershot must fight for her life in the 75th annual Starving Games, where she could also win an old ham, a coupon for a foot-long sub, and a partially eaten pickle. We love to watch parody themed films even though sometimes they are plainly pointless. The disappointing thing about "The Starving Games" is they forgot to put some key elements to make this film funny. The jokes are dumb, insulting, and nevertheless, it didn't make sense. Even we like some of the characters and their costumes;the scenes became repetitive that results to an awful picture.  Verdict: 2/10 Cast: Maiara Walsh, Brant Daugherty, Cody Allen Christian, Lauren Bowles Directed by: Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer

Kim Basinger, Torn between two boxers in “GRUDGE MATCH

Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger (“L.A. Confidential”) stars in Warner Bros. Pictures' new comedy “Grudge Match” as Sally Rose, whose history with retired heavyweight boxers Razor (Sylvester Stallone) and Kid (Robert De Niro) changed all of their lives.    In “Grudge Match,” Billy “The Kid” McDonnen and Henry “Razor” Sharp are two local Pittsburgh fighters whose fierce rivalry put them in the national spotlight. Each had scored a victory against the other during their heyday, but in 1983, on the eve of their decisive third match, Razor suddenly announced his retirement, refusing to explain why but effectively delivering a knock-out punch to both their careers. Thirty years later, a boxing promoter, seeing big dollar signs, makes them an offer they can’t refuse: to re-enter the ring and settle the score once and for all.    Once the love of Razor’s life, Sally re-enters the scene when news of the rematch breaks. Interestingly, Stallone knew Basinger from a

Go Behind-The-Scenes of stunt from “NEED FOR SPEED” set

Royal Purple has brought online a new video which shows how stunt coordinator Lance Gilbert pulled off one of the major stunts for DreamWorks Pictures' “Need for Speed,” starring Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper, Michael Keaton and Dakota Johnson.    Check the featurette below:    Directed by Scott Waugh, “Need for Speed” chronicles a near-impossible cross-country race against time, one that begins as a mission for revenge, but proves to be one of redemption. In a last attempt to save his struggling garage, blue-collar mechanic Tobey Marshall (Paul) - who with his team skillfully builds and races muscle cars on the side - reluctantly partners with wealthy, arrogant ex-NASCAR driver Dino Brewster (Cooper). Just as a major sale to car broker Julia Bonet (Poots) looks like it will save the business, a disastrous, unsanctioned race results in Dino framing Tobey for manslaughter.   Two years later and fresh out of prison, Tobey is set on revenge with

Short Review: Don Jon

Don Jon By: Lakwatsera Lovers Synopsis: Jon Martello (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a strong, handsome, good old fashioned guy. His buddies call him Don Jon due to his ability to "pull" a different woman every weekend, but even the finest fling doesn't compare to the bliss he finds alone in front of the computer watching pornography. Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson) is a bright, beautiful, good old fashioned girl. Raised on romantic Hollywood movies, she's determined to find her Prince Charming and ride off into the sunset. Wrestling with good old fashioned expectations of the opposite sex, Jon and Barbara struggle against a media culture full of false fantasies to try and find true intimacy. (c) Relativity Media Joseph Gordon Levitt's directorial debut turns out to be a success as Don Jon simply stole our attention right from the very beginning. The film is well acted, occasionally funny and has a very interesting story that revolves

I, Frankenstein's Final Poster

I, Frankenstein's Final Poster January 2014 is fully loaded with movies that we look forward to and one of them is I, Frankenstein, which stars Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight Rises, The Expatriate). After triggering some of it's teaser character posters online, Lionsgate officially releases its final slick poster of the film.  Check out the film's official trailer below:  Synopsis: Set in a dystopic present where vigilant gargoyles and ferocious demons rage in a battle for ultimate power, Victor Frankenstein's creation Adam (Aaron Eckhart) finds himself caught in the middle as both sides race to discover the secret to his immortality. From the creators of the hit supernatural saga, UNDERWORLD, comes the action thriller I, FRANKENSTEIN, written for the screen and directed by Stuart Beattie based on the graphic novel "I, Frankenstein" by Kevin Grevioux, and brought to life by a cast that includes Aaron Eckhart, Bill Nighy

Mga Anino ng Kahapon: Movie Review

Mga Anino ng Kahapon By: Lakwatsera Lovers There are five entries in this year's MMFF New Wave section, and it so happens that we've got to see one of them thanks to MMFF twitter page. You can still catch this local indie festival in its final two days December 23-24 for a very low price of  P100 each ticket at SM Megamall Cinema 7 and Glorietta 4 Cinema 1.   Married-couple Ed and Irene (TJ Trinidad and Agot Isidro) are both nurses with one son named Brian. Ed decided to work in Dubai to earn more for his family. Strangely, after a few months, Irene begins to experience some hallucinations of people from martial law that she's the only who can see. As her condition worsens, Ed decided to go home and seek some medical attention to his ailing wife.  The story of the film tackles about a really serious mental disorder. It let the viewers see an incurable  schizophrenia and watch the family struggle to help the patient. At first, the audience found some of the

Vin Diesel to voice Groot in Marvel's “GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY”

The action star will lend his booming voice to Marvel's epic Guardians of the Galaxy film! Vin Diesel is Groot! The star of the “Fast and the Furious” and “Riddick” franchises will lend his voice to Groot in Marvel's live-action "Guardians of the Galaxy," rounding out the team that includes Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Drax (Dave Bautista).    Featured in four of the six movies in the fan-favorite "Fast & Furious" franchise, Diesel has helped the series gross over $2 billion at the box office; and will reprise his role in "Fast & Furious 7." Diesel's most recent film, "Riddick," the third film in the franchise that has so far earned a cumulative $267.3 million across the globe, debuted this year at the top of the box office. In addition to lending his voice to several video games, Diesel's received great acclaim for his voice work in the celebrated

Peter Berg turns “LONE SURVIVOR” book into searing film

  When retired Petty Officer First Class Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson’s book Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 was published in 2007, it quickly rose to the top of The New York Times nonfiction best-seller list.    This true story of duty and honor in the face of extreme adversity and the heroic deeds of fallen comrades caught filmmaker Peter Berg’s attention when his production partner, Film 44’s Sarah Aubrey, gave him a copy of the book and insisted that he read it. Although in production on his then-upcoming blockbuster “Hancock,” Berg began to flip through it during a lunch break. After a few minutes, he was transfixed, locking the door to his trailer and reading the book cover to cover. Determined to win the rights and adapt “Lone Survivor” into a film, Berg became a man obsessed.   Berg offers: “When I first read Marcus’ book, what got me the most was the dilemma that these men faced: being

‘True Blood Star Ryan Kwanten in the romantic comedy “THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG”

One of television’s hottest rising talents Ryan Kwanten, who stars alongside Anna Paquin in HBO’s hit series “True Blood” brings his electrifying charisma on the big screen as he stars in one of the most anticipated romantic movies to open in 2014 – “The Right Kind of Wrong.” Based on the novel by Tim Sandlin, “The Right Kind of Wrong” is a romantic comedy about a failed-writer-turned-dishwasher and fearless dreamer who risks everything to show the girl of his dreams all that is right with the wrong kind of guy. “ The theme of “The Right Kind of Wrong” is that in love, there are no boundaries and there are no obstacles. It’s a fantasy that is fun to subscribe to from time to time and if you do, you’ll root for Leo and feel romantically transported to where you can believe what Leo, our hero, says, which is that nothing is impossible,” said producer Robert Lantos. Screenwriter Megan Martin was determined that Leo be someone "who refuses to make the subtle ad

Oscar Winner Sean Penn: A Photographer at the ends of the earth in “THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY”

  Ben Stiller’s reimagining of James Thurber’s original story is highly entertaining and inspiring, revolving around a man who loves to daydream, frequently retreating into an imaginary world in which he is the hero.   A photo editor at LIFE Magazine in New York, he enjoys his job but longs for passion and excitement.  As he was about to lose his job as the company shifts and downsizes, Mitty finds himself out of his office in no time.  The final issue of the prestigious magazine will soon be on newsstands, but a worried MItty cannot find an important negative that has mysteriously gone missing.   The picture was taken by the iconic and elusive photographer Sean O’Connell played by Sean Penn. Sean is the only one who knows where it is. But where is Sean?     For all his fantasies of becoming a hero, Walter Mitty has his own very real hero:  the famed LIFE photographer Sean O’Connell, an elusive adventurer who has become a kind of rock star of the photographic world, r

Justin Long as the voice of a leader in “WALKING WITH DINOSAURS: THE 3D MOVIE”

Directed by Neil Nightingale and Barry Cook, “Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie” was inspired by the very latest discoveries in paleontology as well as technological breakthroughs. It presents audiences with the most realistic depiction of dinosaurs ever seen.  A compelling family adventure and coming of age story, “Walking with Dinosaurs” tells the story of Patchi (voiced by Justin Long), a determined little Pachyrhinosaurus with a hole in his frill, who sets off with his family on a journey of survival. The film blends a gripping adventure with a story about family and friendship.  Patchi encounters the lovely Juniper, a female Pachyrhinosaurus from another herd and there is an immediate connection, which develops into a close bond. But it is unlikely that the pair will be able to stay together because of herd protocol, which means that Juniper won’t be able to choose her own mate. Other fascinating creatures in the film include pterosaurs, gigantic flying reptiles that

Paul Rudd set to star in Marvel's “ANT-MAN”

Marvel Studio's "Ant-Man" has found its hero in Paul Rudd, who will star in the new film from director Edgar Wright hitting theaters July 31, 2015! The casting of Rudd represents the actor that Marvel and Wright had long ago identified as its first choice to play Ant-Man, continuing the studio's desire to cast actors that bring several dimensions to its onscreen heroes. The film's plot is being kept under wraps. "When Edgar Wright came to us with the idea of Paul Rudd, we felt a huge sense of relief because the first step in creating any Marvel Studios film is finding the right star," said Marvel's Kevin Feige. "We knew early on that we had found the right person in Paul. When he not only agreed to do it but became as enthusiastic as any actor we'd ever met with about doing the work, we knew we'd found the right guy. We couldn't be more excited for our audiences to see what he's going to do to bring Ant-Man to life.

Emma Stone Introduces New Trailer of “AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2”

Less than two weeks after the launch of the full trailer of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” Columbia Pictures has already released a follow-up, new trailer – this time preceded by a personal message from cast member Emma Stone -- which you can watch below:  We've always known that Spider-Man's most important battle has been within himself: the struggle between the ordinary obligations of Peter Parker and the extraordinary responsibilities of Spider-Man. But in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” Peter Parker finds that a greater conflict lies ahead.   It's great to be Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield). For Peter Parker, there's no feeling quite like swinging between skyscrapers, embracing being the hero, and spending time with Gwen (Emma Stone). But being Spider-Man comes at a price: only Spider-Man can protect his fellow New Yorkers from the formidable villains that threaten the city. With the emergence of Electro (Jamie Foxx), Peter must confront a foe far more

C-Interactive Entertatinment Releases Special Forces

After the release of the three solid action titles later this month (Red 2 End of Watch and Act of Valor), C-Interactive Digital Entertainment announces the release of Special Forces. You can now purchase this titles at AstroPlus, AstroVison, O'Music, Odyssey outlets and other leading video stores nationwide.It can be added to your personal collection or be a gift to a friend or your dad who loves to watch a decent action flick.  The original DVD costs at a very low price of P425.00 while the VCD costs P250.00 Synopsis : When war corespondent Elsa Casanova (Diane Kruger) is taken hostage in Afghanistan by the Taliban and is faced with her imminent execution, a Special Forces unit is dispatched to free her. A relentless pursuit begins between her kidnappers, who have no intention of letting their prey escape, and a group of soldiers who risk their lives in order to bring her home alive. This strong, independent woman and these men of duty are thrown together and fo